Meet Our Guides

Abbey Knight


I’m a sophomore from Alaska, although am now proud to call Oregon home. I’m currently an advanced hiking guide and the head guide. A few tasty tidbits about me: I have electrocuted myself on campus twice now, I was once in a rap band (we sadly broke up), and I absolutely hate mushrooms. Also, alongside my intense love of the outdoors is a love of reading and all things related. Come find me if you ever want to nerd out about books, or even better, books about the outdoors!


Alec Fleischer

Cameron Weiner

cam middview tripI’m a sophomore from Houston, TX, but I think about VT as home at least for now! I’m a winter hiking guide and am looking to get more involved in canoeing and kayaking this year. I especially love the MMC because we always prioritize delicious food/snacks!


Campbell Wood

campbell_guide_picI’m Campbell Wood and an advanced winter hiking guide for the MMC. I’m from Beverly, MA (just north of Boston), but I couldn’t imagine going to college anywhere other than Vermont. I’m a junior at Midd, majoring in economics with minors in math and computer science. In my free time (or at least less structured time), I like to get outside as much as possible. I’ve enjoyed leading plenty of hiking and backpacking trips over the past few years, particularly to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. It’s so rewarding to see people getting out on an MMC trip for the first time and to help train new guides to pass on their experience and appreciation for the area. When I’m not leading for the club, you’ll probably see me out running, skiing, or fixing the most ridiculous tandem bicycle you’ve ever seen.

Caroline Colan

IMG_2232My name is Caroline and I am a super senior feb from Readfield, Maine. I am an advanced winter hiking guide for the MMC. My favorite trips that I have led or participated in while at Middlebury have been during breaks. The longer trips have allowed me to get to know new people really well, as well as have the time for shenanigans like snow fort building, ski freeze tag, working on my gourmet back country cooking skills, or reading entire mystery books aloud as a group. But I’m also a big fan of micro-adventures to the organic farm, Chipman Hill, a swimming hole, or just to get a creamee. My fun fact is that I had never been camping except in my backyard until I came to Middlebury.

Dorothy Punderson

18664431_1941582116078490_7966679092869785867_nHello! I’m a junior winter guide from right down the road in Weybridge, Vermont. Part of the reason I decided to stay so close to home for college was so I could keep enjoying the Greens, Adirondacks and everything in between. Things that inspire me besides cool mushrooms and other weird nature phenomenons are good food and music.


Emily Kelly

IMG_1313Hi all! I’m a Junior from Newbury, New Hampshire (and Houston, Texas), an ES-History major, and a winter guide. I love good trail food, exploring the Greens and Whites with MMC, and walking around town. When I’m not outside or studying, you can find me working at the preschool or face-timing my dog.


George Valentine

18955062_1750163091666742_5978297977467101803_oGeorge Valentine is a junior feb from Montpelier, Vermont. He is an Advanced Hiking Guide, Winter Guide, and Canoe Guide-in-Training. You can normally find him on Proc Terrace.




Haley Roe

20431666_1237845943010429_2561740334419905475_nHello! I’m Haley Roe! I was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana where I first learned to love fresh air and open spaces. I am a junior here at Midd where I study environmental policy with a minor in global health. I love to sing, dance, hike with my dogs Hobey and Sadie, bake, ski, and host tea parties. I am poet laureate as well as an advanced winter hiking guide and canoe guide. It is an absolute honor to dedicating my time and energy to the Middlebury Mountain Club – I love the outdoors’ unique ability to foster bonding between strangers and friends alike. I hope to see you on the trails!

Karina Zyatitsky

IMG_5008 (1)I’m from Anchorage, Alaska and I know how to have a good time. In the summertime you can catch me having dinner with Sarah Palin or riding my penguin-led sleigh into town. I love to dance and do my homework. I’m an advanced winter guide and co-president of the Mountain Club. So excited for another year of guiding!

Laura Blum

laura blumRapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair! Laura is a summer guide from Storrs, Connecticut and can be seen walking across campus with long, strawberry-blonde hair streaming behind her. But do not confuse her as a damsel in distress. In her free time, she loves to rock climb, hike, backpack, and expand upon her baking skills with her best roommate ever. She is majoring in biology and loves the natural world.

Liesel Robbins

Leif Taranta

Maisie Anrod

Morgan Perlman

19055765_1347374422006401_3358634200006197575_oMorgan is a junior and Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies major who hails from the Philadelphia Suburb of Bala Cynwyd, PA. In addition to being a Winter Guide, Morgan is MMC’s Cabins and Trail Coordinator, who oversees the Club’s adopted trails and our very own Burgin Lodge up at Bread Loaf. He loves all things in nature, born out of his avid lifelong interest as a birdwatcher. Morgan loves to spend his time backcountry skiing, trail running, backpacking, and canoeing, while observing natural systems and feeling grateful for the few areas left on earth where the human footprint doesn’t dominate. The nearby Bread Loaf Conservation Area is one of his favorite places to explore.

Niko Carvajal

nikoHi my name is Niko and I’m a dreamer. I’m from somewhere outside of Boston in Massachusetts. In my free time I dabble in music, baking, and durty dancing. I am easy to spot by my dynamic gait and large purple headphones. I absolutely love guiding and teaching skills to others.



Nina Sonneborn

22773627_1703763376313929_160365099_nHello! I’m a junior, math major from Highland Park, IL. In the Mountain Club, I’m a Basic Guide and the Adventure Grants coordinator. Some things I love are Big Data, little goats, folk music and the first days of spring on campus. To me, MMC has lots of perks, like meeting new people, enjoying some noms over Fireside dinner, maintaining the stash of gear room raisins in my dorm, and most of all getting outside!



Ry Storey-Fisher

11390004_976880328990979_3689661879190264859_nRy is an Advanced Guide and senior Environmental Policy major from San Francisco, CA. Having spearheaded the re-writing of the MMC Constitution, Ry is commonly referred to as “the James Madison of the Mountain Club”. He enjoys backpacking, late-20th century socio-environmental theory, and long walks on the beach.


Sam Kaelin

IMG_8320Hi, Im a junior feb from Woodbury, CT. I am co-president of the Mountain Club, an advanced winter guide, and canoe guide-in-training. I’m majoring in Geology. I believe in two things; that exploration is best done on foot, and that any camp food is made better with excess cheddar cheese. Guiding for the MMC has given me an amazing opportunity to explore the local wilderness and get to know tons of new and great people.

Sebastian Zavoico

seb_guide_picI grew up in northern Virginia, but my home for almost four years has been these mountains and forests and fields that we call Vermont. Before coming to Middlebury, I was very much a novice backpacker – especially in the winter – but MMC has taught me so many important skills that I will take with me for the rest of my life! I love being outside, and I’ve discovered I love taking people outside even more. In my time in MMC, I’ve been a member, adventure grants coordinator, and advanced winter guide. My favorite outdoor activities include: sea kayaking, skiing, backpacking, climbing, and doing biological field work. Ultimately, I just LOOOOVE love love winter and its long, starry, crisp nights and fluffy snow, and love to be in northern places. This is my last semester at Midd – so if you see I’m leading a trip, please come on it!

Tricia Nelson