Lead a Trip

Only MMC guides may lead trips. If you are unsure of your guide status, or have not led a trip in a while, refer to the guide requirements or contact mmc leadership.

  1. Reserve Van
    Email Head Guide Abbey Knight at least 2 weeks in advance. Include when, where, and who your co-lead will be.
  2. Plan details and create an Ideal-Logic trip
    Which trails, menu ideas, create a blurb, and gear list. This should all be done on Ideal-Logic (go/ideal). Set a limit on how many participants can sign up (considerations: how many people fit in the van; in the Adirondack High Peaks region maximum group size is eight.; in the Green Mtns max. group size is ten.)
  3. Respond to participants
    Check Ideal-Logic for your registered participants. Note that if your trip is full you will have a wait list. Email all participants at least 4 days before the trip. Remind them of: time of departure and return, where you’re camping, packing list, weather forecast, when to meet at gear hours (tell them to bring packs if they already have them).
  4. Pre-trip meeting
    At gear hours with the entire group the Tuesday or Thursday before the trip meet with your group. Get there 15 min before your group so gear managers can start getting your stuff together. Divvy up gear, and whatever is in each person’s pack should be checked out under their name. Do not check out all the group gear under your name– better to have each person be responsible for what is in their own pack. There are late fees for overdue equipment.
  5. Buy food
    $3/person/meal budget. The Middlebury Natural Food Co-op, Hannaford’s, and Shaw’s have college charge accounts. Try to purchase special items from the Co-op and basics at less expensive grocers.
  6. Trip departure form
    Fill out the online departure form before you leave.
  7. Pick up van
    Bring college driver’s license and state driver’s license. Leave a few extra minutes to pick up your van keys at the biomass plant (press “call” to be let in). Get the van, and write down what the odometer says on the form they give you. If you are getting the MMC van, bring drivers licenses (state and college) to public safety’s office, ask for MMC van keys and sign them out in the CCAL binder.
  8. Have a great trip!
    For emergencies, call 911 and Head Guide Parker Peltzer.
  9. Debrief
    Fill out your trip return form as soon as you get back and make sure to note any near-misses. Write down mileage on the van form (if you have a college van), fill up the tank, park, and return the keys. Fill out the online trip return form ASAP! Each person is responsible for returning any gear checked out under their name. Take your food receipts and waiver to CCAL. Fill out the receipt voucher form there and put it in the MMC box stapled to the receipts, along with the waiver. Add any photos you have to the Middlebury Mountain Club Facebook album for that year’s trips!