How to get an endorsement from the MMC board

  1. Email MMC to enquire and find a date to present to the board. Meetings are on Wednesday nights at 6pm in Coltrane. Please contact us at least the Monday before the weekly meeting you would like to attend so we can share dates of endorsement discussions with our members in our Monday night emails.
  2. Come to our weekly meeting at 6pm, during which you may present your case in the following manner. You will be given 5 minutes to present what you are running for/what cause you would like endorsed and why a Mountain Club endorsement would be valuable to you. After, there will then be a 10 minute question and answer period, then we will kindly ask you to leave the meeting so the board can discuss your proposal.
  3. At the following week’s meeting, the board will vote whether or not we will endorse  your candidacy or cause. You will receive an email from the Mountain Club board informing you of our decision. If the board votes to endorse you, we will share our endorsement in our next weekly email, specifying that it is the opinion of the members of the board of the Middlebury Mountain Club that we support your candidacy/campaign/cause.


We have created this two week process for considering endorsements in order to communicate to club membership that there will be an opportunity for everyone to hear from candidates or causes so they know to come to our meetings to discuss and vote on important issues. Because of this process, it is vital that you approach the club in advance of any elections or events in which an endorsement would be useful.