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All are welcome to join us for our weekly meeting Wednesday 6:00pm in Coltrane Lounge. During these meetings, we introduce ourselves, discuss current and ongoing events put on by the club, and make available the floor for any who wish to discuss something related to outdoor involvement or other MMC business.

  • For general questions, or to advertise in our weekly email contact MMC
  • For guides reserving a van, to submit a guide application, or questions about how to become a guide contact Campbell Wood
  • Submit Adventure Grant application to Nina Sonneborn
  • For questions about gear hours or MOP contact Doug Connelly
  • Return trip receipts or course reimbursement forms to the MMC box in the Student Activities office.
  • For questions about a specific trip, contact the guide who is leading!

MMC Board

President • Haley Roe
Treasurer • Alex Wells
Head Guide • Campbell Wood
Adventure Grants Coordinator • Nina Sonneborn
Cabins and Trails Coordinator • Morgan Perlman
Outreach Chair • Valery Vakhitova
Advertising Chair • Cole Ellison
Games Mistress • George Valentine
Polar Bear Papas • Karina Zyatitsky
Website Troll • Cole Ellison

Faculty Advisor and Soothsayer • Doug Connelly