Adventure Grants

Want to take a great outdoor trip with your friends but can’t quite afford it? Apply for an Adventure Grant!

*Adventure Grant applications are not being accepted for the Fall 2021 semester, but check back later for updates.

Started in 2005, the Adventure Grant program seeks to make possible creative outdoor trips that would otherwise be financially infeasible. Groups of 2-10 Middlebury students are eligible. An adventure grant can help pay for your gas, food, and camping fees. In the past, adventure grants have helped to sponsor trips to such places as:

Hiking trip on the Pacific Crest Trail, CA
Backcountry skiing in Gaspe National Park, Quebec
Climbing trip to Red River Gorge, KY
Hiking trip to the White Mountains, NH
Feb Break ski trip to Adirondacks, NY
Hiking trip in Beartooth National Park, MT
Climbing trip to Chattanooga, TN
Canoe trip to the Canadian Arctic
Kayaking trip to North Fork, CA
Hiking and climbing in Alps
Hiking trip to Grand Canyon, AZ
Hiking in Patagonia

photos and descriptions of past trips

Financial assistance will be provided on a case by case basis based on the quality of application, available funds and Adventure Grant Committee discretion. Please realize that this assistance is a privilege.


Application Process

  1. Download and read the Adventure Grant Guidelines, and complete an application.
  2. Complete and sign the release form. Adventure Grant applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  3. Email all documents to our current Adventure Grants Coordinator, Micaela Gayner


Adventure Grants applications are due 2 weeks before the start of a proposed trip. If the trip falls during a break, the deadline is two weeks before the start of the break
In order to be reimbursed for your allocated expenses, please send Micaela Gayner at least 5 digital pictures and a brief summary of your trip within two days of returning from your trip. You will then participate in our semi-annual slideshow with a trip narrative. Recipients must submit receipts and receipt forms to the MMC box in the Student Activities office. Funds will not be issued until trip members submit photos, a description of their trip and all receipts.
2019 Trips:
Chilean Patagonia with Hunt, Alec, and Chris!IMG_4309.jpgIMG_4321.JPGIMG_4437.JPGIMG_4333.JPG
What better way to spend Christmas than in Southern Chili! Right after finals, we spent two days traveling to Patagonia where we began our three week adventure. The first week we hiked 80 miles in the O-Circuit of Torres Del Paine National Park. Every day became our new favorite day of hiking surrounded by spires, glaciers, and bellowing mountains. The trail was to die for, but also extremely crowded. Looking to lose the crowds, We than set our sights for the southernmost point in the American continent for another week long beech walk trek. We reached Cabo Froward, soaked it all in, and turned back realizing all roads lead North. Tired and ready to get out of the rain, we spent the last couple days in a rented car traveling around but spending lots of time in Pali Aike National Park. We made it back to Middlebury for the second week of J-term where we now are producing multi-media for our trip in an Adventure Writing course.
Montreal with Maya, Katie, Niko, Quinn, Alex, Elle, and Micaela!
Although our trip met the ill fate of aligning with quite possibly the biggest blizzard of this winter season in northeastern North Americas, we still found a way to have a great time. We drove up to Montreal and spent the night in an Airbnb in the heart of the city. Observing the minute cultural differences and attempting to navigate without cell coverage in the subzero cold made everything we did feel like an adventure. We got food, played with bubbles, and saw a concert before heading to bed. The next day there was quite the blizzard, but we quickly discovered that for whatever reason the roads in the more suburban and rural parts of southern Quebec stayed very well cleared, despite the blizzard; definitely better cleared than Vermont, at least. When we arrived at Domaine Enchanteur we found it closed, despite the repeated calls we made to check and see if they would be open in the blizzard. To make up for it, at least, we found that the area surrounding the property was also covered in ice, and proceeded to skate through the paths that continued out for a bit. From the outside, we could see an immense ropes course, cute little food stands, the skating trails, and small enclosures lining the trails that were filled with cute bundled animals such as sheep, reindeer, alpacas, and llamas. We then went home because it was cold, but we had a nice time!
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