The Middlebury Mountain Club (MMC) is Middlebury’s largest and oldest student organization. Founded in 1931 as a rebirth of the Outing Club established in 1916, the club remains entirely organized and operated by students. The MMC sponsors and encourages Middlebury students to experience and enjoy the out-of-doors responsibly, offering year-round activities throughout Vermont, the Adirondacks, and beyond.

The Mountain Club leads hiking, boating, climbing, and winter trips free of cost for Middlebury students. Additionally, we reimburse or host classes and workshops, host screenings and presentations, do trail maintenance, fund student trips, host social events at the outdoor house, and run the first-year outdoor orientation programs.

We encourage people both join us in wild ventures and explore the great outdoors on their own or with friends.

A 1931 MMC outing to Lake Pleiad at the Snow Bowl