Chipman Hill

For an accessible, quick, and nearby adventure to celebrate Vermont’s warmer May weather, Chipman Hill is a special place. Accessing Chipman Hill is simple from three different Middlebury streets. On the frontside, an old, degrading road rises up to the top from a gate at the end of Hill Steet before the intersection of Route 7.  At the end of the steepest ascent on this trail, is a clearing surrounded by towering white pines. And there is a conveniently placed picnic table and bench with excellent views of town and the college. The other access point is at the end of Springside Street, essentially forming a loop from Hill Street. This degrading road, now-turned-trail is likely the remnants of the old ski area. The third access point is via the TAM trail, which goes up the backside of Chipman Hill and can be, of course, accessed from using the TAM. The closest TAM trailhead is just off Washington Street, where there is a kiosk in an open field across from the intersection of Peterson Terrace Road. From there, the trail follows the mowed contours of a farmer’s field and into a hardwood forest on Chipman’s backside. This trail eventually intersects the old road at the top that connects to the trailheads on the Hill and Springside streets. Chipman Hill offers many options for a quick and nearby escape from campus. For further information, has a good map with detailed mileage information about the trails.

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